Iris Designs incorporates classical romantic design alondside modern trends. Every bangle is handcrafted and unique. Iris bangles are made from resin therefore, they are very light in weight. The collections are made with a unique technique which combines a range of materials such as silk papers, fabrics, strings and zippers! The bangles are finished off with hand painted images, enamel and Schez crystals.

Iris Design incorporates classical romantic designs Side by side with modern fashion. The production process follows suite with meticulous handwork and high quality control, Insuring every piece to be unique. 
The basic products (bracelets) made of Resin, that’s why the products weight is light. The finishing of the products is enamel Set with schez crystal stones. The products made in unique technique which combine, range of materials such as silk papers, fabrics, strings, hand painting, which create three dimensional look. - See more at: